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Discover the Root Causes Behind Those Intense Feelings and Unexpected Reactions

Ever caught yourself thinking, “Did I just overreact?” Or puzzled over why certain comments sting more than others? Trust me, it’s not just you.

And no, you’re not overreacting.

I’ve been there, feeling exactly the same, and as a therapist, I’ve seen countless women face the same internal battles. This isn’t another generic guide. It’s born from real experiences – mine and those of the many women I’ve worked with. Let’s break it down, together.

Inside the Guide: Unraveling Emotions Made Clear

  • Hidden Trauma Wounds: Those events from the past? They left a mark. We’ll shine a light on them, even if they’ve been tucked away for ages.

  • Inner Child Wounds: That time you felt alone at the school gate? It matters. Together, we’ll uncover how those pivotal childhood moments still play a role in your adult life.

  • Past Wounds: Life leaves its imprints. Dive deep into how those past relationships or missed opportunities shaped the way you view yourself today.

  • Societal Wounds: Pressure. Judgement. The weight of expectations. It’s time to understand how societal norms have inadvertently burdened you.

And for each wound type? Expect detailed explanations, potential triggers, real-life examples, and insights into how they might be silently influencing your day-to-day decisions.

No Generic Advice. Just Real Solutions.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the word “self-love” or cringed at the phrase “transformational journey”, you’re in the right place.

This isn’t about empty promises or buzzwords.

And that starts by understanding the very root of those overwhelming emotions, because you’re sick of everyone telling you “You just need to take better care of yourself.”

|BONUS| Master Trackers to Document Your Journey

Navigating emotions isn’t just about understanding them; it’s like trying to solve a puzzle without having the front of the box as a guide. In order to figure out our emotions we need to collect all of the pieces, so we can put them together… And I’ve got your back here.

Emotional Triggers & Responses Master Tracker: Record, reflect, and understand your triggers to find patterns and plan your next steps.

Unpacking Emotional Wounds Tracker: Analyze those times when emotions run high and pinpoint the underlying wounds.

Coping Strategy Tracker: Every day is different. Document your coping mechanisms, and refine them as you grow.

Why Trust This Guide?

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve felt the sting of unexplained reactions and the weight of inexplicable emotions. I’ve asked myself, “Why am I like this?”. Not just in my personal journey, but as a therapist, I’ve seen this struggle in many.

My aim?

To ensure you don’t have to tread the long, winding path I did. You deserve clarity, and you deserve it now.

Ready to Dive In?

Honestly, life can be rough. But imagine having a guide, a real one, that understands exactly where you’re coming from. Let’s ditch the gimmicks and get real about feelings, reactions, and those “Why am I like this?!” moments.