ReWild Your Emotions: Emotional Wounds Guide

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Understanding Your Emotional Triggers & Hidden Wounds They Point To

For Women who are Ready to…

Stop Feeling Stuck and Overwhelmed & Get to the Root of Why You Feel Stuck in the Same Endless Cycles

Inside this Guide You’ll Get:

  • Insight into the 4 Emotional Wound Categories

  • How to Spot Triggers

  • Roadmap to Identify & Break Free from Emotional Triggers

  • |BONUS| Inner Child Healing Guide

Ever wondered why some days you just can’t seem to keep it together?

Whether it’s yelling at your kids…

being short with your partner….

disliking what you see in the mirror….

Your reactions aren’t random.

They’re signals—messages from deeper places you may not even remember.

This guide is about unpacking & understanding those messages.

Here's what you'll uncover inside:

Insight into the 4 Emotional Wound Categories:

|”Why Am I So Touchy?”|

Uncover the deep-seated emotional scars that are influencing your tendency to go from 0 to 60 in seconds. We guide you to reveal what’s behind the curtain.

|”Why Do I Feel Like I’ve Lost Myself?”|

We’ll help you discover how childhood memories—when you felt unsafe, unloved, or unsettled—are affecting who you’ve become as an adult.

|”Why Do Small Things Trigger Big Emotions?”|

We dig into why everyday interactions or missed opportunities seem to spark disproportionate emotional responses.

|”Why Do I Feel So Trapped?”|

Society’s expectations often push us in a box. Learn to identify these suffocating pressures, leaving you to feel confined and judged.

For each emotional wound type, you’ll get:

| Straight-Talking Explanations |

What exactly are these wounds, and why should you care?

| How to Spot Triggers |

Spot the little moments that are actually big red flags pointing to deeper issues- when an old wound is affecting your current behavior

| Real-World Impact |

Understand how these deeply-rooted issues are affecting your everyday life, from relationships to work to self-worth.

| Step-by-Step Healing |

Starting points for you to confront, understand, and begin healing from these inner wounds.

Why Trust This Guide?

I’ve been where you are & I let my emotions run my life for far too long.

And as a therapist, I got fed up with the bad ‘advice’ the women I worked with were getting from family, friends, & the internet- telling them it’s something WRONG with them.

So with me you’ll get…

Actionable advice and relatable examples, so you can start to understand why you do the things you do—and take back control of your life.

Ready to Dive In?

You don’t have to live in a cycle of stress, overwhelm, and feeling stuck.

This guide, infused with deep therapeutic insights, is your practical path toward true emotional understanding and lasting change.