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The Heal & Deal Bundle

  • Overcome emotional overload

  • Break free from the cycle of toxic relationships and self-sabotage.

  • Move from feeling stuck to discovering fulfillment.

Heal & Deal for ONLY $9

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If you’re ready to stop feeling lost and start understanding who you really are then grab the Heal & Deal Bundle for ONLY $9

Time to trade in that just “getting by” in life feeling for a life where you actually feel in control and fulfilled!

Introducing the Heal & Deal Bundle:

A collection of real-world tools and strategies, expertly crafted by a therapist who gets it, to understand your triggers, help you regain control, and reclaim your story.

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Here’s What You Get & How It Will Change Your Life:

The Heal & Deal Guided Journal

Tackle Emotional Chaos: A dedicated space to navigate and process feelings of being overwhelmed, helping you break free from cycles of overthinking and self-doubt.

Confront Inner Wounds: Uncover and begin healing deep-seated emotional wounds like abandonment or mother wounds, directly addressing the root causes of your pain.

Escape Imposter Syndrome: Break away from feeling like a ‘hot mess’ and rediscover your authentic self, moving from feeling stuck to thriving in your true identity.

30 Emotional Trigger Coping Cards

Immediate Emotional Relief: Quick-access strategies to manage sudden emotional surges, reducing the intensity of anxiety and self-sabotage.

Understand Your Triggers: Gain insights into specific events or interactions that trigger your emotional responses, fostering awareness and control.

Shift from Reactivity to Empowerment: Empower yourself to respond thoughtfully to emotional challenges, moving away from impulsive reactions and towards mindful actions.

30 Heal Your Worthiness Wounds Affirmation Cards

Reinforce Self-Worth: Daily affirmations to counter feelings of ‘not being enough,’ instilling a sense of intrinsic value and self-acceptance.

Combat Perfectionism: Shift focus from unattainable perfection to embracing your unique qualities and strengths.

Strengthen Personal Relationships: Use affirmations to improve your relationship with yourself and others, reducing people-pleasing tendencies and building healthier dynamics.

Heal & Deal for ONLY $9

Embrace a new way of living where you're in control.

This isn’t about fitting into someone else’s mold.

It’s about embracing every part of you. So that you can:

  • Navigate life’s challenges with clarity and less emotional baggage.

  • Reclaim moments of peace and genuine connection.

  • Embrace your true self, leaving behind societal pressures and expectation

Grab the Heal & Deal Bundle today for just $9!

Heal & Deal for ONLY $9