LIZZY XMAS PARTY PREMIUM | Emotional Shadow Mastery Ultimate Toolkit

Stop snapping, feeling stuck, and living in a guilt-ridden emotional overwhelm stress cycle.

Instead, get the tools & step by step roadmap to understand your emotions, respond with intention, to feel grounded & in control—even on the toughest days.

Find your way back to feeling alive and passionate in a life that feels truly yours with this toolkit

This all in one emotional wound healing journey sells for $107 in my shop, but this is my GIFT for grabbing the Premium Goodie Bag in Lizzy’s Christmas Party! 🎄

And TBH the value this toolkit holds-with every therapist-made tool & step you need for emotional resilience building- it’s actually valued at like $400!

Here’s Everything You Get in this Toolkit: 

|Unraveling”Why Am I Like This?!” Guide| Insight into Your Emotional Wounds

The Real, Raw Guide to Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Emotional Wounds

  • Spot The Signs: Recognize the real-life moments that keep triggering these emotional reactions.

  • Reveal What’s Been Holding You Back: Past wounds can lead to present barriers & doubts.

|Emotional Detox Workbook| Break Free from Your Worthiness Wounds

Cut through the “Why am I always messing up?” noise, understand why you really react the way you do and start taking control.

  • Guided Steps: Follow a curated pathway designed by a seasoned therapist.

  • Uncover Root Causes: Dive deep into past scars and their continued influence.

  • Address Childhood Issues: Understand how early experiences dictate current relationships and self-esteem.

  • Societal Influence Exploration: Analyze societal expectations and their effect on self-perception.

  • Comprehensive Sections: From “Revealing” to “ReWilding” your emotions, this workbook covers all aspects of understanding and healing emotional wounds.

|Realign & Reflect Instant Grounding Guide| From Triggered to Grounded in Moments

When emotions spike, have a clear method to calm down and regain focus.

  • Instant Techniques: Access therapist-backed methods for immediate calm post-trigger.

  • Feelings Wheel: An emotional compass for tracking and understanding feelings.

  • Variety of Techniques: Breathing exercises, sensory grounding, cognitive practices, and more tailored for women.

  • Coping Thoughts for Triggers: Strategies and thoughts to reinforce resilience.

  • Decision Trees: Guide your reflection and coping process effectively.

|6 Emotional Mastery Trackers & Guides| Action Steps for Lasting Emotional Change

6 Essential Trackers to identify, understand, and overcome your emotional triggers.

  • The Emotional Trigger and Response Navigator Tracker

  • “Why Do I Feel This Way? The Emotional Wounds Revealer Tracker

  • “How Did I Cope?” Building Your Emotional Coping Toolkit Tracker

  • “Stop Second-Guessing & Trust Your Gut” Your Gut Check Tracker

  • “Break the Overthinking Spiral” Tame Your Inner Critic Tracker

  • “Why Am I Avoiding This?” Exposing Self-Sabotage Tracker

Emotional Wounds Have a Sneaky Way of Ruining Our Days... 

But, because I know you're not 'broken' & I know you want more in life...

Maybe for you, it shows up as:

  • endlessly questioning your choices

  • snapping at someone you love and then spent the whole day drowning in guilt, asking yourself, “Why did I act that way?”

  • talking it out with friends or family, only to hear “just get over it” or “you’re overthinking it,” making you feel even more alone or ‘crazy’.

  • the nagging need for perfection

  • the endless quest to please everyone but yourself

  • the fear of change

  • the weight of past traumas

  • the societal roles than you’ve been shoved into

And I know you’re sick of asking yourself:

  • “Ugh, why am I like this?”

  • “Why do I always overanalyze everything?”

  • “Why can’t I just be me?”

  • “Why do I always need things to be perfect?”

  • “How do I say no without feeling guilty?”

  • “Why can’t I just get past this?”

  • “Is this really all there is to life?”

Too many women are living half-lives, suffocated by emotional weight they didn’t even know they carried. It’s not just about understanding your emotions, it’s about truly living a life where those raw, emotional moments don’t knock you down every time.

You deserve More. More Understanding. More Control. More Passion.

Hey Babe!

I’m Joyce.

I’m a therapist, emotional wellness coach and guide to feminine rewilding, but most importantly I am a woman who has been in the arena, getting her butt kicked too.

Navigating through my own stuff and also helping to guide other women on their own journey, I realized there was a lack of practical, tangible tools that spoke directly to women like us — women needing to break free from the mundane, to align our lives with true passions, and to create purpose-filled lives without the roadblocks of emotional chaos, overwhelm, not dropping the ball, & society’s suffocating pressures for women.

I wanted to create something genuine, something transformative, and something that goes beyond generic, buzz-wordy self-help guides.

This toolkit is the culmination of this vision & it’s the tool I wish I had during my darkest times.

Through my own journey — losing my Dad, escaping a marriage I’d outgrown, leaving a toxic workplace so I could build my own therapy practice, helping countless women thrive through deep, transformative introspective work — I bring a wealth of real-world experience and therapeutic knowledge into this toolkit.

Are you ready to….

  • Understand WHY certain triggers impact you so deeply.

  • Learn to RESPOND, not just react.

  • Truly FEEL ALIVE again, reclaiming your passion, your drive, and your joy.

You’re in the right place.

It’s Your Turn Now… Go From Barely Surviving to Boldly Thriving:

| Rediscover Your Passion & Purpose |

This toolkit is like creating a therapist in your back pocket that understands the REAL you.

This isn’t about fitting into someone else’s mold.

It’s about embracing every part of you.

Dive in, get the tools to navigate life confidently, and kiss those ‘meh’ days goodbye. Life’s too short to keep second-guessing.

Make your every day count with more heart and less hassle

Grab the Emotional Shadow Mastery Ultimate Toolkit today for FREE

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