Lizzy’s Christmas Party Regular Goody Bag| Emotional Reset Kit

Reset Your Emotions & Stop Feeling ‘Too Much’ or ‘Not Enough’

This Therapist Created Toolkit is Valued at $37, but you get it for FREE for being a part of Lizzy’s Christmas Party!🎄

A step-by-step roadmap: one that’s meaningful, significant, and impactful.

Get real strategies backed by a therapist’s experience and own personal journey. 

Experience change you can see, even if you’ve been let down before.

Navigate Those ‘Hot Mess’ Emotions & Break Free

Do you sometimes ask yourself…

“Why can’t I shake off the past and simply enjoy today?”

“I want to do better, for myself, for my kids. How do I not repeat family mistakes?”

“Just when things seem okay, why do I always end up stumbling?”

“Why does every little thing set me off? Can’t I just take a moment and think?”

“I’ve achieved so much, so why do I keep second-guessing every step?”

Get Real With Your Emotions & Break Through The Barriers…

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

Feeling stuck in an endless loop, trying to make sense of our feelings, wondering why we’re caught in the same emotional ruts.

I’ve been in those shoes, and as a therapist, I’ve witnessed countless women navigating these same waters.

So trust me when I say, I get it.

That’s why I created this exclusive toolkit for women, because as a therapist I know you’re done with the same old, even if you’re unsure of the next step.

You deserve more than fluffy advice or generic solutions you can find anywhere.

This guide is a practical, step-by-step blueprint designed to help you confront, understand, and ultimately overcome the invisible emotional wounds you’ve been carrying.

Inside Your Reset Kit You’ll Get:

Insight into Your Emotional Scars

Unraveling”Why Am I Like This?!”: The Real, Raw Guide to Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Emotional Wounds

Reveal What’s Been Holding You Back: Past wounds can lead to present barriers & doubts.

Spot The Signs: Recognize the real-life moments that keep triggering these emotional reactions.

Practical Tracking Tools

Emotional Triggers & Responses Master Tracker Tracker

Like an Emotional Diary: It’s more than just feelings; understand the what, why, and how.

Unpacking Emotional Wounds Tracker

Spotting The Patterns: Uncover behavioral habits that could be creating more hurdles than help.

Coping Strategy Tracker

Build Your Action Plan in Moments of Chaos: Track, refine, and perfect your strategies for calm

Actionable Steps to Understand & Overcome Emotional Triggers

Breaking the Cycle Workbook

Diving Deeper: An actionable plan to comprehend and tackle your emotional habits.

Thinking Before Reacting: Techniques that allow you that breathing space before responding.

Roadmap to Success: Concrete steps to simplify and understand overwhelming emotions.

Instant Anchor Techniques

Grounding Foundations Guide

The Real Deal on Grounding: Understanding its power in a no-nonsense way.

Tools That Actually Work: Handpicked methods that change responses when emotions run high.

Take The First Step

Let’s dive into real solutions together.

Become the woman who confidently navigates emotions, who strengthens her relationships, who breaks free from the shackles of the past.

Ready to finally move forward?

Grab your Emotional Reset Kit today

Because you deserve more, even if you've settled in the past.