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The Passion Pursuit Planner

  • Productivity Boost: Overcome self-doubt and unlock daily achievements. Feel liberated and confident.

  • Passion-Purpose Sync: Align your dreams with your deepest values. Experience deep self-discovery and fulfillment.

  • Goal Setting: Turn your passion into practical, achievable goals. Feel the joy of making your dreams tangible.

  • Action Plans: Take control with detailed, purpose-driven tasks. Reduce stress and infuse your routine with passion.

  • Reflection Prompts: Learn from each experience with regular reflection. Foster growth, resilience, and joy in your journey.

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I see you there…

  • you’re ambitious

  • full of dreams

  • hungry for a life filled with passion and purpose

  • you want so much more in life

But maybe you're feeling...

  • stuck

  • overwhelmed

  • unsure of how to move forward

  • have no idea where to start

Trust me, I’ve been there too.

That’s why I created the Passion Pursuit Planner.

Hey Babe!

I’m Joyce.

I’m a therapist and a guide to unapologetic living through feminine rewilding, but most importantly, I’m a woman who’s walked through her own journey of healing and transformation.

Navigating through my journey, I realized there was a lack of practical, tangible tools that spoke directly to women like us — women yearning to break free, to align their lives with their true passions, and to create purpose-filled lives without falling prey to impostor syndrome or societal expectations.

I wanted to create something genuine, something transformative, and something that goes beyond generic, buzz-wordy self-help guides.

The Passion Pursuit Planner is the culmination of this vision. It’s a tool I wish I had during my darkest times, and now, I’ve made it available to you.

Through my own transformation — leaving a toxic workplace, building my own therapy practice, helping countless women thrive through deep, transformative introspective work — I bring a wealth of real-world experience and therapeutic knowledge into this planner. I’m passionate about helping you rewild your life, connect with your authentic self, and ignite a passion that goes beyond societal expectations.

Are you ready to build a purpose-driven, passion-fueled life that sets your soul on fire?

You’re in the right place.

Happy Passion Pursuers

  • Danielle B.

    “I was so used to just ‘sucking it up’, putting everyone else first, trying to keep up with an endless to-do list. But it was exhausting and I felt like I was about to break. I felt like I was stuck, like there was no way out. That’s when I turned to Joyce. She didn’t just sympathize, she understood because she’d been in my shoes. And she did more than just listen and say “I’m so sorry.” She gave me the way out, the way to finally feel better.”

  • Carrie S.

    “All my life I was told I couldn’t, that this is just how I am. I was so tired of feeling like nothing was ever good enough, like I was always falling short. I was anxious and felt hopeless. But Joyce changed that. She didn’t offer me the bs solutions; she provided real strategies and it was a game-changer, it was like she was reading my mind half the time.”

What’s Inside the Passion Pursuit Planner:

  • Section 1: Productivity Power-Up

    Kick imposter syndrome to the curb and supercharge your productivity. Harness your energy and unlock the power within you to create, accomplish, and thrive.

  • Section 2: Alignment Affirmation

    Ensure your passion pursuits are truly in sync with your deepest desires and life purpose. Discover how to find balance and fulfillment in every step you take.

  • Section 3: Goal-Getter’s Guide

    Set achievable, meaningful goals that lead you toward your passions. Transform those big dreams into attainable milestones and celebrate each success along the way.

  • Section 4: Passion Planner

    Turn your goals into action with clear, detailed plans and schedules. Navigate your passion pursuit journey confidently, with step-by-step guides to help you along the way.

  • Section 5: Reflection and Review

    Take time to reflect on your journey, learn from your experiences, and adjust your sails when necessary. Growth happens in the quiet moments of reflection.

 It’s time to finally pursue your passions with purpose!

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