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Hey Babe!

I had to stop here & take a moment to tell you I’m incredibly proud of you for stepping up.

Embracing this tough, sometimes messy work? That’s courage not everyone possesses.

So, do what you need. Take a deep breath, let it out, celebrate this moment.

You’ve just taken a gigantic leap toward genuine growth.

This is a moment to recognize, honor, and yes, CELEBRATE.

It’s all part of YOUR amazing journey.

Creatrix of the 

"Never Enough" Loop

The Perfectionist Overachiever

Breaking the Loop: Unleashing the Creatrix Within to Overcome the ‘Never Enough’ Narrative

I know what it feels like to be caught in the “never enough” loop. Always striving, always pushing, always feeling like you’re falling short. You’re the Creatrix, a woman who thrives on achievement but is burdened by the relentless quest for more.

I get it. It’s draining.

You’re tired of the self-imposed pressures, of the constant pursuit of perfection, of feeling like you’re always running but never arriving. I’ve been there. Now, it’s time to break the loop and let the Creatrix in you embrace self-acceptance and inner peace.

To help you on this transformative journey, I’ve curated 3 unique strategies for you. These aren’t fluffy, generic advice – they’re concrete actions rooted in your realities, your overthinking, and your untapped potential. They’re not about suppressing who you are; they’re about celebrating your passions and giving yourself the grace you deserve.

Breaking the “never enough” loop isn’t an easy feat. But trust me, it’s a rewarding one. These strategies may not promise instant gratification, but they’ll offer practical tools to help you escape the ceaseless cycle and nurture your true worth. They’re here to aid you in truly valuing your achievements – not by the world’s standards, but by your own.

So, let’s get to the deeper work!

Let’s shatter the “never enough” narrative and allow the Creatrix in you to flourish. You’re not just a human on a hamster wheel; you’re a dynamic, compassionate woman beneath. It’s time to break free from the cycle, not to satisfy societal expectations, but to affirm your authentic self. Embrace your Creatrix. Let’s do this, together.

Ready to shatter the “Never Enough” narrative?

Let’s dive into the 3 Creatrix Strategies:

|Anchoring Technique|

Amid the storm of your thoughts, find your anchor. When you feel your mind spiraling into the ‘more to achieve’ mantra, physically touch something near you. It could be your desk, a necklace you’re wearing, or even your own hand. As you touch it, breathe in, breathe out, and remind yourself, “I am here, I am enough.” This technique helps bring you back to the present and disrupts the loop of overthinking.

|Visualize & Release Journaling|

This is not your standard ‘gratitude’ journaling. Grab a notebook and every night, jot down three tasks or goals that you didn’t get to. Instead of viewing them as failures, visualize them as balloons. You’re letting them go, releasing the guilt and the pressure associated with them. They’ll float back if they’re meant to be. It’s a therapeutic way of acknowledging and releasing the things left undone without self-judgement.

|Unstructured Play Time|

Ever watched a kid play with no agenda? Let’s borrow that concept. Set aside a time for ‘unstructured play’. Maybe it’s scribbling on a piece of paper with no goal of making art, or dancing in your living room with no steps to follow. The objective is to disconnect from the need for achievement and reconnect with the joy of ‘doing’ for the sake of enjoyment, not productivity.

But who am I to tell you all of this?

Hi, I’m 


The heart of The ReWilding Collective.

Just a sassy, slightly sarcastic, and totally committed therapist who has seen it all.

Yes, all of it!

  • the mask-wearing

  • the fear of speaking out

  • the endless cycle of overthinking

  • the nagging feeling of never being enough

  • the constant striving for unattainable perfection

  • the anxiety attacks that come out of nowhere

  • that horrible, sinking feeling of being utterly stuck

For over a decade, I’ve sat across from countless women, just like you, and felt the crushing weight of their struggles in my soul. 

I’ve heard the frustration in their voices as they’ve told me how sick they are of: 

  • hearing the same old generic advice

  • how desperately they need something real, actionable

  • and above all, effective

And I’ve been there too

I’ve shed tears, worn masks, and faced storms that almost broke me. 

But real change isn’t about the buzzwordy self-care routines or the cliche self-discovery journeys

It’s about tangible strategies, innovative solutions, and hardcore commitment to ourselves- which means finally getting to the root causes, deep below the surface.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re alone in this mess, know this:

You’re not. 

And I’m not just talking about the collective ‘you’

I mean YOU, sitting there right now, reading this. 

You are not alone.

So now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put in the work, and reclaim the life that you deserve.

And I’ll promise you this: with me, there’s no fluff, no generic advice, just you, me, and the raw, real, and tangible strategies to take back control of your life.

Together we will ditch the masks, silence the overthinking, and tackle life head-on.

And I made something just for you to get a kickstart!

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being told you ‘should’ be any different than you are

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