Beyond Overthinking Quiz Results-Priestess

Hey there, beautiful soul.

I had to tell you I’m incredibly proud of you for stepping up.

Embracing this tough, sometimes messy work? That’s courage not everyone possesses.

So, do what you need. Take a deep breath, let it out, celebrate this moment.

You’ve just taken a gigantic leap toward genuine growth. This is a moment to recognize, honor, and yes, celebrate.

It’s all part of your AMAZING journey.

Priestess of the

“Worst-Case Scenario” Spiral

The Worry-Driven Acheiver

My, insightful Priestess!

You’re the one who can always see the possibilities, aren’t you?

Every path, every choice, unfolds before you like a labyrinth of what-ifs.

Your intuition, your foresight, they’re unparalleled.

But sometimes, it’s like you’re stuck in a maze of your own making.

Every thought, every worry, leads to another, and another, until you’re spiraling into the worst-case scenario.

Friends might tease, “Oh, you’re such a worrier!”

…Or maybe you hear it as advice,

“You just need to stop overthinking things.”

But it’s not that simple, is it?

The worries and anxieties aren’t just thoughts – they’re a constant hum in the background of your mind, a static noise you can’t quite tune out.

“What if it all goes wrong? What if I’m not good enough?”

“What if, what if, what if…”

But here’s the thing, Priestess.

It’s okay to worry.

It’s okay to think ahead.

But it's also important to remember that... 

You’re not just your worries.

You’re not just your thoughts.

You’re so much more than that.

So take a deep breath….

Because you, my dear, are so much more than you think…

Now I want to be the one to tell you, that as the Priestess of the “Worst-Case Scenario” Spiral, you’re not just your thoughts. You’re not just your worries. You’re a woman with an extraordinary mind, and with the right strategies, you can harness its power.

Ready to break out of that spiral and start turning your insights into a strength, rather than a source of anxiety?

Let’s dive into 3 strategies that are as unique and insightful as you are- and don’t worry they go beyond the “typical Google search”:

|Thought Downloading|

This is like a brain purge. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that pops into your mind. The good, the bad, the downright weird – judgement-free zone. It’s like cleaning out that junk drawer in your kitchen; you’ll feel lighter, I promise.

|80/20 Rule Application|

Let’s get a bit scientific here. The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, tells us that 80% of effects come from just 20% of causes. Here’s the thing – not every decision or task in life deserves your energy. Focus on the ones that really matter, the ones that will create the most significant impact. Remember, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

|Focusing on Circle of Control|

Picture two circles – one’s your circle of concern (stuff you worry about), the other’s your circle of control (stuff you can actually do something about). Where should you focus your energy? Yep, you got it – circle of control. This simple visual can be a game-changer in helping you ditch unnecessary worry.

But who am I to tell you all of this?

Hi, I’m 


The heart of The ReWilding Collective.

Just a sassy, slightly sarcastic, and totally committed therapist who has seen it all.

Yes, all of it!

  • the mask-wearing

  • the fear of speaking out

  • the endless cycle of overthinking

  • the nagging feeling of never being enough

  • the constant striving for unattainable perfection

  • the anxiety attacks that come out of nowhere

  • that horrible, sinking feeling of being utterly stuck

For over a decade, I’ve sat across from countless women, just like you, and felt the crushing weight of their struggles in my soul. 

I’ve heard the frustration in their voices as they’ve told me how sick they are of: 

  • hearing the same old generic advice

  • how desperately they need something real, actionable

  • and above all, effective

And I’ve been there too

I’ve shed tears, worn masks, and weathered storms that threatened to break me. 

It’s not about the buzzwordy self-care routines or the cliche self-discovery journeys

It’s about tangible strategies, innovative solutions, and hardcore commitment to ourselves- which means finally getting to the root causes, deep below the surface.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re alone in this mess, know this:

You’re not. 

And I’m not just talking about the collective ‘you.

I mean you, sitting there right now, reading this. 

You are not alone.

It’s time to cut through the BS, the buzzwords, and the cliches. 

You’re going to roll up your sleeves, put in the work, and reclaim the life that you deserve.

And I’ll promise you this: with me, there’s no fluff, no generic advice, just you, me, and the raw, real, and tangible strategies to turn the tide. 

Let’s ditch the masks, silence the overthinking, and tackle life head-on.

Are You Ready to Break Free and Silence the Noise?

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  • Overthinking Archetype Mini-Guide: A concise guide matched to your quiz results that digs into your specific overthinking tendencies. Unearth insights into your thought patterns and get practical strategies to overcome them.

  • Overthinking Journal Prompts: Gain insights into your own thinking patterns, understand what triggers your overthinking, and start to recognize your thought cycles.

  • Mood Tracker: Track your emotions over time and spot patterns and triggers to help manage overthinking before it spirals.

  • Overthinking Patterns and Triggers Log: Record instances of overthinking, understand what triggers it, and how you respond to it.

  • Cognitive Restructuring Worksheets: Challenge and change your thought patterns for the better.

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises: Practice mindfulness techniques and relaxation exercises that help manage overthinking in the moment.

  • Strategy Application and Reflection: Track your progress in implementing strategies and reflect on what works best for you.

  • Progress Reports: Reflect on your journey, your achievements, and set goals for the future.

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Your Roadmap to Clarity:

a collection of real-world tools and strategies, expertly crafted by a therapist, to help you regain control, understand your triggers, and make peace with your thoughts


This is the key to finally release what’s actually been holding you back, because I know you’re:

  • You’re fed up with feeling stuck and unfulfilled, but can’t figure out why or where to start!

  • You’re frustrated with everything you’ve tried feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels and not making any real progress.

  • You’re sick of feeling like something is wrong with you for not loving your life, even though you try so hard.

  • You’re so done with cookie-cutter solutions and generic advice that doesn’t actually get to the root causes of your struggles.

  • And you’re beginning to feel like you’re the only one struggling with these issues, and thinking there isn’t anyone out there who truly understands and can help.

  • You’re ready to break free from self-doubt and take back control of your life.

So if you’re ready to:

  • feel understood like you’re not alone in this journey.

  • feel a deep sense of self-awareness and empowerment as you explore your own mind.

  • gain clarity and control over your emotions.

  • feel a sense of mastery as you begin to understand and predict your own thinking patterns.

  • feel the liberation of breaking free from negative thought cycles.

  • feel a sense of calm and tranquility you might have thought was out of reach.

  • feel a sense of accomplishment as you see your progress and growth over time.

  • feel encouraged and motivated, ready to continue your journey with renewed vigor.

I’ve got you covered and I tailored this toolkit specifically for women like you!


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