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Stop Believing That It’s Something Wrong with You

You’re getting ready for bed, it’s late and you’ve had a long exhausting day (which feels like every day lately) You’re just brushing your teeth, running through your never-ending to-do list for the next day… 

and then BAM! out of nowhere, like a ton of bricks…

you remember that ONE thing you said to a co-worker or a friend from last week.

Ugh, and the overthinking spiral begins…

You start obsessing over whether you said the right thing.

Then the “What If’s” start their bullshit…

  • What if they took it the wrong way..

  • What if you should have said something different…

  • What if they tell other people what you said… 

Your heart starts racing, and you can feel the anxiety creeping in.


You wish you didn’t care, you even tell yourself “It’s not a big deal, they probably don’t even remember it, just get out of your head!” 

But, no matter how hard you’ve tried- and you feel like you’ve tried it all… From therapy to self-love affirmations to women supporting women FB groups, and the list probably goes on and on right? 

It’s like you know exactly what you need to do, but you just can’t seem to make it happen. So you end up trapped again: 

  • stuck in your own head, overthinking everything and second-guessing yourself at every turn

  • always putting everyone else’s needs before your own

  • fixating on what others think of you and needing that approval

  • agonizing over every little choice and decision for fear of making the “wrong” move

  • walking on eggshells, trying to avoid any criticism or judgment from others

  • feeling like there’s something inherently wrong with you, like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough

  • can’t seem to break free from the grip of people-pleasing and start living for yourself

And let’s be honest.. you are already juggling a million different tasks and to-do’s, so you don’t even know where to start when it comes to prioritizing your own needs and desires… 

And you can’t even imagine adding  one more thing to your plate.

If you’re tired of just sucking it up and being stuck in the endless worry loop, I want you to know…

it doesn’t have to be like this!

How Different Would Your Life Look if You Could FINALLY Break Up With Overthinking for Good?

Take a moment and imagine a life where you could:

  • Walk into a room full of people and confidently strike up a conversation, without worrying about what others might think or say about you.

  • Finally say “no” to requests that drain your energy or go against your values, setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing your own needs and desires.

  • Genuinely enjoy social events and gatherings, free from the anxiety and overthinking that used to hold you back from fully experiencing and embracing the moment.

  • Effortlessly make decisions, big or small, trusting your intuition and knowing that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way.

  • Confidently balance work and family life, while giving yourself permission to pursue your dreams without feeling selfish or neglecting your loved ones.

  • Build strong, fulfilling relationships with your partner, kids, family, and friends, by being present, engaged, and free from the shackles of self-doubt and overthinking.

  • Rekindle the passion and excitement in your life, breaking free from the monotony of your daily routine and feeling empowered to explore new interests and experiences.

  • No longer feel like you have to switch up who you are, change yourself to fit in, or worry about being judged at every turn.

  • Confidently navigate bumps in the road with ease and resilience, knowing that you have the strength and tools to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

I know you’re sick of the cookie-cutter solutions and you just want the raw, real, strategies and support to redefine success on your own terms, creating a life that aligns with your values, passions, and dreams, rather than conforming to societal expectations and norms.

That’s why I created The ReWilding Collective…

a membership program that cuts through all the noise, helping women who are tired of overthinking and feeling stuck get the real solutions to confidently take control and live the life they deserve on their own terms.

I want all women to have the capacity to hold space for one another, in a real, raw, and authentic way-but also gain the confidence and ability to say “No.” when they can’t or honestly don’t want to.  

I NEVER apologize when someone shows up to my house and I’m wearing my crew sweatshirt with black leggings (probably for the 2nd day in a row- just ask my partner LOL) with my messy bun high atop my bare face.

Because you know what? I’m human, and sometimes self-care looks like sweatpants and no makeup. 

I poured my heart and soul into curating a membership that gives real life solutions to help you invest in yourself without waiting for a breaking point. This program is designed for women like us—tired of overthinking, people-pleasing, and feeling stuck on autopilot, wondering, “Is this all there is?!”

And I no longer keep people in my circle who expect any more of me, or don’t align with my values, or wouldn’t stand up for me when someone talks shit about me and I’m not there to defend myself… because guess what?! 

It’s my CHOICE! And let’s be honest… as women, our choices are getting limited again. 

The second you start making choices that align with who you REALLY are, the weight begins to lift and you find yourself becoming everything you ever needed, so you can give what you truly want to give to those who truly deserve you and your brilliance.

I see you, showing up for everyone except YOURSELF!

Hey there,

I’m Joyce!

And I’m a recovering over-thinking, people-pleasing, over-functioning, perfectionist….

So, I’ve been there too– trapped in the endless cycle of worry, striving to do everything “just right,” and being everything to everyone.

Let me tell you a little more about how I got here…

For years, I hid my true emotions and did my best to keep everyone around me happy. But inside, I felt like I was drowning, and I knew something had to change. 

In 2020, every single ball in the air I was juggling came crashing down on top of me, when unexpectedly I lost my dad, who had always been my rock.

Soon after, I made a BIG decision-one that was for me, leaving behind a marriage that had been holding me back. My “failed” marriage was all the proof I needed to show that if I wanted it to be successful with him then I was expected to stay my 22 year old self, always serving him, not changing or growing, most definitely not succeeding and wanting more from life for myself and my 2 beautiful boys.

Then I left my job that at the time I didn’t even realize was one of the most toxic environments of my life- I mean like highschool “mean girls” kind of toxic.

These experiences made me confront the truth—I needed more than just traditional self-care and surface-level solutions. It was time to dig deeper and find better ways to heal, grow, and start showing up for myself and my boys. 

As a therapist and coach, I have to admit that I’m not immune to struggling with self-doubt and seeking validation. I’m just like everyone else, and I constantly work on overcoming these challenges in my own life.

But the good news is, I’ve learned how to catch myself when I start to doubt myself and course correct. I no longer get stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing or seeking approval from others like I used to.

Once I discovered how to stop second-guessing myself, my life changed for the better. I am a much more confident and fun Mama, I found a wonderful partner who fearlessly supports me and I him, and now I’m living a life that I never thought was possible with all of them.

Imagine if.. you could redefine success on your own terms. ~

Imagine if.. you could rekindle passion and excitement in life.

Imagine if… you could build real relationships.~

Imagine if… you could say “no” to things. ~

Imagine if… you could be your authentic self. ~

Imagine if.. you could redefine success on your own terms. ~

Imagine if.. you could rekindle passion and excitement in life.

Imagine if… you could build real relationships.~

Imagine if… you could say “no” to things. ~

Imagine if… you could be your authentic self. ~

Imagine if.. you could redefine success on your own terms. ~ Imagine if.. you could rekindle passion and excitement in life. Imagine if… you could build real relationships.~ Imagine if… you could say “no” to things. ~ Imagine if… you could be your authentic self. ~

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The ReWilding Collective

A program that feels life your favorite sweatshirt, giving you the comfortable space to conquer overthinking and enjoy life as your real, raw, self.

Say goodbye to sugar-coated solutions and hello to a real-life strategies that meet you where you’re at.

When you join us you’’ll finally get the practical, tangible tools and support you need to make meaningful progress and change your life for good.

What You Get Inside

The Rewild & Rise Society:

Monthly Bonus Resources

Each month, we drop some extra goodies into your membership. These aren’t random downloads, but resources curated based on your requests and needs. Because your journey deserves that extra touch of support.

Full Access to All Lessons & Core Modules

Life’s not a straight line, and neither is your path to self-discovery and healing. As a premium member, you’ll have immediate access to all lessons and modules, so you can journey at your pace and on your terms. No waiting, no barriers, just you and the freedom to explore your path.

Group Coaching Calls

Experience the power of collective growth in monthly group coaching calls. Engage in collaborative learning and receive direct coaching feedback to support your journey. Think of this as your  monthly checkpoint – a place to share your journey, get some insights, and yes, probably laugh and cry a little.

Personalized Feedback

Your journey is unique and deserving of personalized attention. With my years of experience as a licensed therapist, I’m here to provide thoughtful, meaningful feedback on your progress.

Exclusive Access to Our Inner Circle

In this nurturing community, you’ll be able to connect, share, and learn from like-minded women. Plus, you’ll have direct access to our dedicated coaching team, ensuring support is always just a message away.

Actionable Tools for Each Lesson

Every lesson comes paired with its own unique toolkit. These aren’t basic worksheets, but practical, tangible tools to help you put your insights into action right away.

Live Q&A Calls

Have questions? Need some guidance? Your questions answered, your doubts addressed, in live Q&A sessions where we get real and personal.  We’re all in this together, and these live sessions are your safe space to ask anything you want. 

Priority Access to Fresh Releases

You’ll be part of a community of women who are committed to their growth and success, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Guaranteed ‘Hot Seat’ Opportunities

Each month, during our group coaching calls, you get a chance to take the ‘hot seat’. It’s a unique opportunity for us to dive deep into your personal journey – your questions, challenges, victories, and everything in between.

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Join Us in Creating Our Safe Cozy Inner Circle

  Where we Collectively Silence the External Noise to Show Up as Our Imperfect True Self

You’re tired of feeling like you have to be someone you’re not.

Pretending to have it all together when you’re falling apart inside.

It’s time to let go of those expectations!

The ReWilding Collective is a space where you can do just that – show up as your real self, messy bun and all.

Inside the ReWilding Collective, you’ll find:

Comprehensive solutions that encourage self-reflection, curiosity, growth, open minds, and vulnerability.

A program that values diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality, and recognizes the unique challenges faced by women from different backgrounds and identities.

Personalized support and accountability, and tangible solutions to help women develop and achieve meaningful and fulfilling goals.

Step-by-step roadmap to navigate difficult situations, setbacks, or bumps in the road so you have everything need for long-lasting transformation

But the ReWilding Collective is not:

A program that encourages toxic positivity or dismisses valid emotions and experiences.

A quick-fix or one-size fits all solution.

About changing who you are or conforming to external expectations.

Focused solely on achieving external success at the expense of well-being.

A hustle mindset or ignoring the impact of systemic oppression and social structures on women’s lives.

“I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of options when it comes to coaching and self-improvement programs. What makes your program stand out?”

Okay, let’s cut through the B.S. for a minute. I know you’re probably feeling bombarded with all kinds of flashy marketing promises, and you’re not sure who to trust anymore. I get it – I’ve been there too.

But the truth is, I’m not here to make grandiose claims or sell you some cookie-cutter program that promises to magically solve all your problems. I know better than anyone that life is messy, unpredictable, and full of unexpected twists and turns.

And, I’m not going to tell you I’m some guru on a mountaintop. What I can promise you is that I’m coming from a place of real experience – both as a therapist with over 8 years of experience helping women just like you, and as someone who hit their absolute breaking point before I finally HAD to figure this shit out. And now I want to help you do the same, so you don’t have to hit that breaking point.

And let me tell you, it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve stumbled, fallen, and picked myself back up more times than I can count. But through it all, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about what it really takes to make meaningful progress towards your goals – without losing your mind or your sense of humor along the way.

So if you’re feeling skeptical, that’s totally understandable. But I want you to know that I’m not here to sell you a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution. I’m here to offer you real, practical tools and guidance that will help you make the progress you want in your life, at your own pace and on your own terms. Because let’s face it, life is too damn short to waste any more time feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Sound good? Let’s do this!


Pay in Full


$777 USD

Savings of $387

3 Monthly Payments


$297 USD

Savings of $283

12 Monthly Payments


$87 USD

Savings of $120

Our Collective Rewilding: Real, Raw & Purposeful

Just as each day of the week has its own flavor, each month of your journey has its own unique theme, inspired by the seasons and the natural flow of life.

It’s important to me to provide you with the predictability you need in your life. Every month we follow the same weekly format, no jump scares here! So go ahead and plan your life around the things that really matter- and whenever you can’t make it live-no worries they will always be recorded for you to view later!

An Exciting Journey Week by Week:

Week One

Disrupt & Unleash

We kick off each month shaking things up. Just like the start of autumn, when leaves are falling and nature prepares for a new season, we’ll disrupt those old patterns and unleash your potential. We’ll hold content discussions, Q&A sessions, and prepare for the transformation ahead.

Week Three

Sustain & Empower

As spring blossoms, it’s time to sustain the progress we’ve made and empower you on your journey. This week, we rotate the offerings, providing you with fresh perspectives and tools to continue growing.

Excited yet?!

This is just a taste of the rhythm we’ll establish on our journey together. Each week has its theme, just as each month unfolds with its unique theme, all designed to take you on a transformative journey from disruption to creation.

Week Four

Create & Thrive

Just as summer radiates heat and energy, we’ll focus on creation and thriving. We’ll take what we’ve learned, put it into action, and prepare for the path ahead. It’s all about harnessing the power of the summer sun and letting your transformation thrive.

Week Two

Restore & Reconnect

Just as winter brings quiet and peace, we’ll take a moment to restore balance and reconnect with ourselves. This week is your time for reflection and reconnection. We’ll dive into a Share Circle, personalized check-ins, and engage in a group coaching session.

Our Collective Rewilding: Real, Raw & Purposeful

You know how life isn’t a Monday-to-Friday kind of journey, right? Some days are about stirring things up, others are about finding peace, and the rest? Well, they’re about everything in between.

That’s why we’ve planned your Rewild & Rise journey to flow with the natural rhythms of life. Each week comes with a theme to guide you through a transformative journey, from disruption to creation. Let’s explore the ride you’re about to embark on:



    This week is all about arming you with the knowledge and tools you need to peel back the layers of societal expectations, gender roles, and limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential. Our recorded modules and personalized group coaching sessions, including hot seat coaching, support you in recognizing and releasing constraints while embracing your authentic, wild self. You’ll dive deeper into the lessons and get everything you need to start making genuine change.



    These live Q&A sessions provide a valuable opportunity for you to ask anything related to your progress, barriers, or anything else in the training, resources, etc. Connect with other like-minded women and receive personalized coaching and support. You’ll get feedback and insights on your personal growth journey and develop a deeper sense of connection and community.


    EMBODY CHANGE: Own the Inner Work

    Each month, we curate and deliver a unique selection of resources and tools based on the specific needs and requests of our members within the collective. This customized toolkit is designed to help you gain clarity around your goals, challenges, and progress while nurturing your innate intuition. You’ll receive guided meditations, journal prompts, self-assessments, vision board templates, and other resources that are highly relevant, personalized, and tailored to support your ongoing growth and transformation journey.



    During this week, you’ll take meaningful action towards your goals and maintain accountability using our roadmap or action plans, which are designed to help you transform insights into authentic action and make tangible progress in alignment with your personal growth and aspirations. Share your progress with the group to get feedback, guidance, and accountability, and feel the satisfaction of making real and sustainable change.


I’m sure you have some questions at this point and I’m here to help you navigate with confidence, so please take a look at some common questions I’ve gotten about The UnFiltered Collective.

  • I’m guessing your looking for the “just give me the down & dirty details so I can decide if this will work for me” answer.

    How did know?! Well because…I would’ve asked the same thing! I’m totally a no-fluff person too.

    And that’s why….

    The Unfiltered Collective is a no-BS, straight-to-the-point membership program designed to help women like you kick overthinking, self-doubt, and second-guessing to the curb. We’re all about getting real, raw, and honest – no sugarcoating, no gimmicks, just genuine support and guidance.

    Here’s how it works: when you join, you’ll get access to self-paced lessons, personalized coaching, and an amazing community of women who are all on the same journey. You’ll work through our signature REWILD method, which helps you discover your true self, find your purpose, and take confident action in your life. With group coaching calls, 1:1 coaching sessions, and tons of resources at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to make real, lasting change. And the best part? You’ll be doing it all alongside a group of like-minded ladies who totally get what you’re going through. So, are you ready to get down and dirty with your personal growth? Let’s do this!


    The Unfiltered Collective is a 12-month membership program for women who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and disconnected from their true selves. It’s a safe and supportive community where you can embrace your imperfections, rediscover your inner wild spirit, and take confident action towards your goals.

    As a member, you’ll have access to a training portal with 15+ hours of self-paced course material, personalized coaching, biweekly group coaching calls with hot seat coaching, monthly live Q&A sessions, and quarterly workshops on specific topics. You’ll also receive monthly toolkit drops and personalized feedback on worksheets and journal prompts to help you stay on track and get the most out of your experience.

    The Unfiltered Collective is a non-linear journey of growth, meaning you can work through the material at your own pace while still getting personalized support and community on your unique path. It’s a messy and wild journey, but one that’s filled with transformation and empowerment.

  • I totally understand where you’re coming from – committing to something new can be daunting. But let me tell you, I have poured my heart and soul into this program, and I am confident that it has the potential to create a significant change in your life.

    However, the thing about transformation is that it’s a personal journey, and everyone’s experience will be unique. That’s why I require a commitment from our members – to ensure that you’re fully ready to embark on this journey and make the most out of what the Unfiltered Collective has to offer.

    I don’t want anyone to sign up if they’re not fully invested and committed to their growth. This program is designed to provide you with all the resources and support you need, but ultimately, the change will come from within. So, if you’re ready to dive in, commit to yourself, and make transformation a priority, I am here to support you every step of the way.”

  • We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and the pace at which each person moves through the program may vary. The membership format of The Unfiltered Collective was specifically designed to address this concern by allowing members to progress at their own pace, without feeling the pressure to “keep up” with others.

    The self-paced nature of the program ensures that you can work through the material as your schedule permits, and the live calls and other opportunities are added benefits available to enhance your learning experience. However, these calls and events are not mandatory for your transformation; they’re there to provide additional support and community when you’re ready to engage.

    The membership format allows you to experience personalized support and be part of a nurturing community while following your own natural path to growth. You can take the time you need to absorb and apply the information, and know that we’ll be there to support you every step of the way, whenever you’re ready.

  • No, The Unfiltered Collective is not a form of therapy. As a licensed therapist, I am required to provide therapy services in a separate capacity. The Unfiltered Collective is a coaching program that utilizes evidence-based techniques to help you overcome self-doubt, find direction and purpose, and take confident action towards your goals.

    While there are similarities between coaching and therapy, there are also important differences. As a licensed therapist, I am bound by legal and ethical guidelines to provide therapy services to clients. Therapy is typically focused on treating mental health issues and involves diagnosing and treating mental illnesses using evidence-based interventions.

    Coaching, on the other hand, is not regulated in the same way as therapy and is not intended to treat mental health issues. Coaching is focused on helping individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals, and on supporting personal growth and development. Coaching is typically more action-oriented and future-focused, and involves working with individuals to develop strategies for achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles.

    While my professional background as a therapist informs my coaching approach, the program is not intended to replace therapy or serve as a substitute for mental health treatment. If you are currently in therapy, I encourage you to continue working with your therapist and speak with them about whether The Unfiltered Collective would be a good fit for you in addition to your therapy sessions.

    In The Unfiltered Collective, I am acting as a coach and not providing therapy services. While I will draw on my experience as a therapist in helping members, the focus will be on personal growth and development rather than diagnosing or treating mental health issues. If you are seeking therapy services, I am happy to to give you resources to find therapists in your area.

  • The Unfiltered Collective stands out from other self-help programs because it’s not just about giving you generic advice or a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it’s about giving you the personalized support, tools, and resources you need to truly transform your life.

    We understand that every person’s journey is unique, and that’s why we take a holistic approach to personal growth. We don’t just focus on surface-level self-care tips or quick fixes. Instead, we dive deep into the root causes of your challenges and help you create lasting change through evidence-based techniques and personalized strategies.

    Another thing that sets us apart is our community. We believe that true transformation happens when you’re surrounded by like-minded women who understand what you’re going through and can offer support, accountability, and encouragement. That’s why we’ve created a safe and welcoming space for our members to connect, share their experiences, and grow together.

    Lastly, we value authenticity and vulnerability. We know that it takes courage to embrace your imperfections and share your struggles with others. That’s why we prioritize creating a judgment-free zone where you can show up as your real self, messy bun and all. We believe that it’s only when you allow yourself to be seen and heard that you can truly experience growth and transformation.

    Overall, The Unfiltered Collective is different from other self-help programs because it’s a holistic, personalized, and community-driven approach to personal growth that values authenticity, vulnerability, and lasting change.

  • Group coaching calls are biweekly sessions where all members come together to discuss their progress, challenges, and breakthroughs. These calls are designed to provide a supportive environment for learning from one another and receiving guidance from the program facilitator. In addition, group coaching calls often involve a deeper dive into a specific lesson within the program, enhancing members’ understanding and application of the material.

    Hot seat coaching is a special segment within the group coaching calls where two members are selected to dive deep into their specific challenges and receive personalized coaching and feedback from the facilitator and the group. This focused coaching helps the chosen members find solutions and insights tailored to their unique situations. Moreover, hot seat coaching benefits not only the member receiving the coaching but also others who can learn valuable insights and strategies from observing the process.

    Q&A sessions are monthly live events where members can ask questions and receive answers directly from the program facilitator. These sessions are an opportunity to gain clarity on any topic related to the program, seek guidance on specific issues, or simply learn from the questions and answers of fellow members. Q&A sessions are less structured than group coaching calls and focus solely on addressing members’ questions.

  • We’re confident that The Unfiltered Collective can provide you with the support and resources you need for lasting transformation. However, if you feel the program isn’t right for you, please reach out to our support team to discuss your concerns and explore possible options.

  • The Unfiltered Collective is all about helping you find your true self and ditching the self-doubt, overthinking, and second-guessing that’s been holding you back. Everyone’s experience will be different, but here are some of the biggest takeaways you can expect:

    Finally understanding yourself on a deeper level and figuring out what you really want in life, so you can stop feeling stuck or unfulfilled.

    Learning how to kick overthinking to the curb and trust your instincts, making it easier to confidently make decisions without all the mental back-and-forth.

    Finding your inner circle of like-minded women who totally get what you’re going through and are there to support, encourage, and uplift you every step of the way.

    Rediscovering your sense of purpose and direction as you work through our signature REWILD method, helping you embrace your true, authentic self.

    Experiencing lasting change that leads to increased self-confidence, deeper relationships, and that inner peace you’ve been craving.

    The Unfiltered Collective is all about investing in yourself and taking control of your own happiness. With our expert guidance and the support of an incredible community, you’ll be able to face your challenges head-on and create a life that truly feels like it’s meant for you.

It’s time to redefine the “you” part of the story, in your own words, on your own terms.

You are a beautiful, complex, and multi-layered being, with a heart full of hope and a spirit full of resilience. You’ve worked so hard to protect yourself from harm, while also trying to allow yourself to experience the good in life. You are wise, vulnerable, and open, even in the face of adversity.

But perhaps, you are still struggling with the “you” part of the story. And that’s okay. This is your chance to do the work, to fully embrace and explore every aspect of who you are. It might be difficult and messy, but it will serve you every second for the rest of your life.

Throughout this program, you’ll learn to honor your body and mind, to appreciate your journey, and to embrace both the highs and lows of the process.

Damn it for not being as straightforward as we would hope, but it’s okay you will get there. We’ll work together to develop a toolkit of resilience and adaptability, empowering you to face any obstacle with strength and grace.

It’s okay if you’re not ready, we will be here when you are. But I hope you will at least take a moment  and ask yourself do I deserve to give myself more? Because I think you do… and you can join our inner circle and let us support you every step of the way. You deserve to live a life that is not only surviving but thriving, and I’m here to help you get that.

Honor your body and mind, embrace the messy and magnificent parts of yourself, and take the brave step towards redefining a life that sets your soul on fire!