Seasonal Survival Workshop

What if Winter Could be Different this Year?

Craft Your Seasonal Emergency Relief Toolkit to Master the Holiday Hustle & Winter Blues with a Licensed Therapist Who’s Been There Too

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If you want to…

  • Silence the “not good enough” voice that pipes up every time you see another perfectly decorated living room or well-behaved family photo

  • Quit lying awake at 3 a.m of mentally revisiting every awkward conversation to spot where you “messed up”

  • Handle emotional triggers without spiraling, especially when the winter blues already have you on edge

  • Stop questioning your life choices every time your aunt asks you about your relationship status, career, or biological clock

  • Ditch the guilt of not hand-making Pinterest-worthy gifts because you’re too busy keeping it together

  • Stop feeling like winter is just one long-ass Monday and just one long, dark tunnel of “I can’t even”

  • Survive holiday family time without mentally plotting your escape route or rehearsing how to dodge personal questions

  • Stop feeling like you’re failing your kids because you’re not an Elf on the Shelf genius

    …then this WORKSHOP is for you!

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll walk away with:

Tools for Understanding & Managing Your Emotions

We dig into the science behind why you emotionally “lose it” at times. By the end, you’ll move from feeling overwhelmed to confidently identifying what you’re feeling and why—setting you up for better life decisions.

Identify Your Emotional Triggers & Defense Mechanisms

Ever wonder what sets you off? We’ll break down how to identify your emotional triggers and defense mechanisms, so you can improve your relationships and feel more in control.

Be Able to Manage Stressful Family Interactions & Holiday Pressures

Holidays stressing you out? Learn how to navigate the awkward questions from Aunt Karen and manage your own expectations, making holiday gatherings something to look forward to, not dread.

Understanding Winter-Related Emotions & Mood

Winter blues got you down? Get the real deal on why winter affects your mood and how to proactively manage it, so you can fully enjoy the season without losing your sanity.

Personalized Roadmap & Toolkit for Emotional Balance

Stop getting sideswiped by your emotions. You’ll leave with a personalized toolkit—filled with emotional coping mechanisms, boundary-setting scripts, and quick stress-relief techniques—that you can apply in any season.

Plus: Real-World Scenario Training

We cover the specific problems you face but often don’t discuss. You’ll leave with practical solutions you can use immediately in tough family situations or emotional lows.

You’ll walk away with real-world, apply-it-now strategies—not just theories—that work in the messiness of life.


 Access to the The Seasonal Survival Vault 

Imagine a treasure chest filled with premium resources. It includes every template and tool that will be used in the workshop, plus additional guides, scripts, and exercises that will be dropped in following the workshop.

Customize your own toolkit by picking what resonates most with you. It’s the ultimate plug-and-play experience for mastering your emotions year-round.

Hey there – my name is Joyce Agne.

I’m a licensed therapist and mental health consultant with 15+ years of experience in the emotional wellness field.

But more importantly, I’ve been where you are and I had to hit my absolute breaking point before I finally HAD to figure this shit out for myself.

And now I want to help you do the same, so you don’t have to hit that breaking point or try to handle it all alone.

I felt the weight of emotional chaos, personally and professionally. When cookie-cutter advice fell flat, I had to dig deeper.

And that’s why in the Seasonal Survival Workshop, we won’t just skim the surface.

We’ll delve deep, uncovering the emotional triggers and behavioral patterns that have you stuck.

You’ll gain insights and tools that aren’t just plucked from a book but are rooted in real-life challenges and evidence-based tools & strategies.

You won’t just hear what I think you should do; you’ll learn what actually works. Real strategies to tackle emotional triggers and regain control.

I’m sharing what’s helped real women like you and me.

You’re not alone, and you’re definitely not broken. You’ve just been navigating without a map.

This workshop is your first step to change that.

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