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The Garden Layout Planning Ebook

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  • You’ve got a backyard with a ton of potential but don’t know where to start!

  • You’re a renter with a small patio and want to beautify your limited space!

  • Your kids are hard on your yard, but mama wants to enjoy the scenery too!

  • You love walking through the garden section but you’ve always been a plant killer!

  • You’re dreaming of sweet summer dinners made perfect with homegrown veggies!

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If you caught yourself nodding along to any of these, this ebook could help you get unstuck and turn your dreams into plans!


Hi, I’m Kristen.

Six years ago I found myself feeling burnt out, bored, and joyless. I had just unexpectedly moved to a small desert town that made me feel cramped and isolated. I needed a way to bring some color back into my life and bloom where I was planted.

After wandering into a small nursery on a hot summer day, I saw a large pot of neon pink geraniums. I couldn’t look away! They were gorgeous and I scooped them up on the spot!

When I got home, I pored over Youtube videos to find out how to care for my new geranium. I ordered some supplies (hello, Amazon Prime!) and dove right in. A few months later, my house was filled with plants I had accumulated from different nurseries… and my geranium was still flourishing.

So was I.

I garden because it brings JOY to my life. And that’s why I created this ebook for you!

Results from Happy Gardeners

 Inside this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

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  • Work With the Space You Have: My foolproof method for planning a garden that fits perfectly in your backyard!

  • Choose the Right Garden Project: Pick the type of garden that works best for your light, hardiness zone, and growth goals!

  • Prep for Your First Grow Season: Choose your garden boxes and purchase the right tools for a successful planting spree!

  • Plant Your First Seeds This Weekend: Get your hands dirty and start your backyard transformation in two days flat!

You’ll also walk away with…

A downloadable version of my Garden Beds for Beginners video tutorial to watch over and over again as each new gardening season starts. Never feel lost again when planning out your garden.

 You might be thinking…

I’m worried I’m the only person on the planet who just can’t garden. All my friends tell me I have a “black thumb!”

You’re not alone, friend. Nearly every gardener I’ve helped comes to me with the same question.

Maybe you haven’t been successful before because you haven’t chosen the right plants for the amount of light you get in your home or your hardiness zone. Maybe you’ve been overwatering or underwatering. Maybe you just need a guide to walk alongside you and help you get started.

I’ve been in your shoes. Through trial and error, I’ve learned a lot about cultivating plants and I’m eager to pass my findings on to fellow wannabe-gardeners. I’ve put all my research and hard-earned knowledge into a simple workshop and ebook form so that you don’t have to wilt on your own.

 It’s time to cultivate joy in your own backyard!

Don’t wait! Start planning your beautiful garden today so you can enjoy it tomorrow!

Get this $97 ebook today for just $27 as a thank you for joining my free Intro to Gardening 101 workshop. It’s the perfect companion to what you’ll learn!

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