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Seeking Your True North

My, beautiful seeker!

In the whispers of your heart, there’s a silent echo of isolation.

Beneath the daily mask you wear, there lies a deep yearning: a desire to be authentically and unapologetically yourself.

You’ve occasionally felt like an outsider, adrift in a sea of judgments and expectations.

The question that emerges with each introspection and every interaction is..

"Why can't I just be myself without the weight of judgment?"

You’re not alone in this quest for authentic self-expression.

It’s a journey many embark upon, seeking to find their place amidst societal pressures. Every step you take towards embracing your true self is not just about personal growth—it’s about discovering where you fit in the vast tapestry of humanity.

Remember, while society’s expectations are looming, your authenticity is a beacon, guiding you to like-minded souls and communities.

Daily Life Looks Like:

Conforming Chameleon: Whether it’s in group discussions or choice of attire, you often find yourself aligning with the majority, even if it doesn’t reflect your personal opinions or style.

Hidden Passions: Perhaps there’s a hobby or interest, like painting, dancing, or an unconventional book genre, that you’ve kept to yourself fearing ridicule or misunderstanding.

Emotional Toll: After social engagements, you replay conversations in your head, contemplating the “should’ve said” and “wish I could express” moments, longing for a space where your true voice can be heard.

But here's the thing, True North Seeker.

While the noise of expectations and judgments might be loud, your inner voice and authentic self hold their unique power. By honing in on that strength, you can find peace and true connection.

Here's How to Start: 

Reflect & Rediscover: Allocate a specific time each week, maybe Sunday evenings, to engage in deep reflection. This could be through writing, meditation, or even a quiet walk. Use tools like guided journal prompts or self-exploration apps to dig deep into understanding your desires and fears.

Set Your Boundaries: Start small. For instance, if you’re usually the “yes person,” practice saying “no” or “let me think about it” to small requests. As you grow comfortable, extend this to bigger life decisions.

Find Your Tribe: Start by attending local workshops or joining online forums centered around authenticity, personal growth, or any of your hidden passions. Engaging in these spaces, you’ll likely find individuals who resonate with your journey, and with whom you can build genuine connections.

But who am I to tell you all of this? 

Hi, I’m 


The heart of Agne Collective Growth Co.

Just a sassy, slightly sarcastic, and totally committed therapist who has seen it all.

You’re probably here because…

You’re navigating the twisting, often overwhelming journey of self-discovery. The endless worry loop, the feeling of being “stretched too thin” and that lurking sensation that somewhere amidst life’s chaos, you’ve misplaced the real you.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been on that struggle-bus, too. From seeking hobbies to balance the scale of life, to dealing with the weight of silent battles, I’ve walked through that very maze you might be feeling trapped in now.

But here’s the difference…

I won’t offer you clichéd advice or buzzwords you’ve heard a thousand times before. What you’ll get from me is genuine understanding, relatable insights, and actionable steps, coupled with a sprinkle of sassy compassion.

Having emerged stronger from my journey, and with professional training, I’m here to guide you through yours. Let’s embark on this path together, leaving behind the “meh” days and working towards reigniting your inner flame.

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Feeling Detached from Your True Self?

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Shadow Work isn’t about changing who you are- it’s about understanding & embracing your true self.

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